Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Alrighty, so it's not a secret to anyone who knows me that cooking is not my thing. Eating is my thing, I could literally do it all day, and somedays I do lol. This past Friday was my husband's birthday, and for the past two years I have been preparing a 'Special' bday meal for him (any cooking that I do I consider special) this year it was the day after his bday because I worked a double Friday (@ the steak house). I did most of the grocery shopping Thursday, and started preparing the marinade Friday night after work which went from 12:30-3 A.M.!! It was worth it though the cooking went shockingly well & the food turned out YUMMY!! I should probably let you know what I made by now. I made a teriyaki sauce from scratch & marinated the chicken in it, vegetable fried rice, crunchy asian salad, & a SNICKERS CAKE (the best part of the whole meal) . I tried to take some pictures to document that I did in fact prepare & cook the meal myself. 

 fresh ingredients for the teriyaki sauce & the link to the marinade is here

I'm not going to bore you with the other recipes, but I have a couple of other pictures from the meal! & after cooking this meal I really felt accomplished & dare I say it I may cook more than 1 meal a year!!
Before & After
Happpppyy BIRTHDAY!!! To the Love of my life, my better half, & my BESTFRIEND!!
I'm a very lucky girl & I wish you the best for the next year (& all the years to come Duhhh)

*It's snowing outside & I totally wouldn't mind not having school tomorrow :)



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  1. Damn Gina!!! My mouth is watering looking at all the good eats :)


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