Monday, January 24, 2011


making teriyaki sauce

Alright sooo I have definitely been neglecting the blog, but I have "legitimate" excuses. First of all Friday was David's 22nd birthday & I worked a double at the restaurant. I didn't get home until after midnight :-/  blehh and instead of just falling asleep I started preparing the food for David's b-day lunch with the family Saturday afternoon. I was sooo tired but I had to start prepping because I knew that I would sleep in Saturday morning so the less I'd have to do then the better. While preparing the food I watched 'Pretty Little Liars' (don't judge me) my little sister watches the show & I was like "ehh I'll give it a go" plus who doesn't want to have their mind numbed after a long day at work?! Long story short .. I'm hooked. Alrighty so I'm going to put pictures & the recipes up later when I have more time. Last night I had a "photo shoot" with my sister .. haha we have way too much fun doing them, but yeah she just started taking a photography class so hopefully that will result in me looking better. Anyways hope everyone had a great weekend .. eww I just remembered I start school tomorrow.. I'm gonna leave you with a sneak of some of this past weekends pictures.  

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