Thursday, January 13, 2011

from cruising to snoooooozing

Hello Hello again!! So finally getting back into the swing of things and checking back into reality. It's really hard to get used to being back on a schedule & not sleeping in lol. As you will soon find out I LOVE making lists so I'm going to make a list of the highlights from our cruise!
  • David & I finally got to hang out together without school or work getting in the way (however he still found ways to watch ESPN :[    )
  • We met lovely people from all over the world & got to hang out with them over the course of a week
  • I finally got to visit Grand Cayman & JAMAICA!! (I hadn't been to either of those places before)
  • OMG I don't know how I got to bullet number four without talking about food .. It was awesome we had lobster tails, duck, scallops, steaks, yummy salads..(Our waiter couldn't stand me because I always ordered two appetizers & two entrees, my thinking is I payed for this already & I can't let it go to waste :)
  • Ohh another thing I finally got to wear some of the dresses in my closet that I never get to wear, so be ready to be BOMBARDED by pictures in the next couple of entries 
For now I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip!! Oh yeah and I forgot to mention with my whole back to reality thing it's FREEEEEEEEZING so anyone else stuck in this cold weather I feel your pain .. can we please move somewhere warm!?

Excited to finally be in our room!
Time for the beach :)
COZUMEL, Sippin' on "Mexican Gatorade"
The Navigator of the Sea
Some little souvineers we picked up while in Cozumel
Enjoying one of many coffees, he loves having his picture taken

Best lunch ever!! (nachos & wraps) muy delicioso!!

Alright & Now ready for the reality check, this picture is from yesterday
Playing in the snow with my friends & Moose Man

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